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[Event Report] The 12th Session of Health Policy Academy, Lecture 7 – Group Presentation Session and Feedback (February 15, 2024)

[Event Report] The 12th Session of Health Policy Academy, Lecture 7 – Group Presentation Session and Feedback (February 15, 2024)

Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) held the seventh lecture of the 12th session of Health Policy Academy (HPA).

In the seventh lecture, entitled “Group Presentation Session and Feedback”, participants presented their work on making health policy proposals and the process.

Each group gave a presentation on the process necessary for policy formation through the consideration of proposals based on their own experiences and past learning on the theme of “Our Ideas for Future Health Policy. Kohei Onozaki, HGPI Board Member, and Shunichiro Kurita, HGPI Senior Manager, joined the discussion on each presentation. At the end of the session, Onozaki and Kurita gave their comments.

This lecture marked the end of the 12th session of the Health Policy Academy, which was renewed as an advanced program with a total of seven lectures, including a presentation on an issue, and one special lecture including an alumni session. This curriculum was structured from the basics and theory, analysis, and practice of health policy.


■ The 12th Session of Health Policy Academy
(Titles omitted)

Lecture 1 (Thursday, August 10, 2023)
“Introduction” Kohei Onozaki (Board Member, HGPI)
“Fundamentals of Public Policy” Shunichiro Kurita (Senior Manager, HGPI)

Lecture 2 (Thursday, September 14, 2023)
“Health Policy and Ethics” Shintaro Tamate (Professor, Faculty of Law, Department of Political Studies, Gakushuin University)

Lecture 3 (Thursday, October 12, 2023)
“Policy Making and Evidence” Kazuya Sugitani (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Policy Studies, Iwate Prefectural University)

Lecture 4  (Thursday, November 9, 2023)
“Health Policy History” Soichiro Mitani (Associate Professor, Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Konan University)

Lecture 5 (Thursday, December 14, 2023)
“Present Status and Issues in Japan’s Medical and Long-Term Care Delivery System” Takashi Mihara (Senior Researcher, Healthcare Research Center, NLI Research Institute)

Lecture 6 (Thursday, January 11, 2024)
“New forms of Public Involvement in health policy” Kyoko Ama (Fellow, HGPI)

Lecture 7 (Thursday, February 15, 2024)
“Group Presentation Session and Feedback” Kohei Onozaki (Board Member, HGPI)
Shunichiro Kurita (Senior Manager, HGPI)

Special Seminar  (Thursday, September 28, 2023)
“Health and Digital Technology” Seigo Hara (Representative Chief Executive Officer, MICIN, inc./ Fellow, HGPI)

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