About HGPI Message from Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Honorary Chairman for Life

Resolving Global-scale Health and
Healthcare Challenges

Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) is an independent non-profit, non-partisan think tank established in 2004. Since our establishment, HGPI has worked to organize extensive discussions by a wide range of stakeholders on the pressing health policy issues, and to offer policy options to society. Through these efforts, I believe we have had some success in helping to improve society.

Alongside multi-stakeholder involvement, we have always been committed to fostering global perspectives. The information we put out has always been published in both English and Japanese, and we often collaborate with other global think tanks. In recent years, almost every major economy is facing the issues of aging, increases in the prevalence rates of non-communicable diseases as well as widening disparities and other economic challenges. The revision of social systems to support healthy and sustainable societies in the midst of all this has become a pressing issue for many countries around the world.

We will continue our work to drive health policy changes by helping to set agendas and providing new perspectives on these global issues.

HGPI remains committed to our goal of promoting effective health policy choices for Japan and addressing today’s global health issues through cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders. We appreciate your support and continued cooperation.

Honorary Chairman for Life  Kiyoshi Kurokawa