Report Reforming Work Styles in the Medical Field and at Kasumigaseki

About Reforming Work Styles in the Medical Field and at Kasumigaseki

To ensure healthcare quality and provide patients and other healthcare beneficiaries with satisfactory care, initiatives to reform the work styles of medical staff and to optimize the entire healthcare provision system must be promoted. As uneven distributions and shortages of medical staff grow more severe, this project will deepen discussions on realistic and desirable reforms for reviewing the roles of each medical professional, adopting better labor management practices, and introducing innovative technologies that will affect clinical settings and achieve satisfactory healthcare for parties on both the supply and demand sides.
Excessive working hours for civil servants at Kasumigaseki are starting to be recognized as a problem. To achieve good policies that the public truly wants, work styles among civil servants must be reformed. Such reform will require not only internal changes at administrative agencies; parliamentary reform and public understanding will also be essential. With non-partisan Diet Member involvement, HGPI will examine work styles of the administration of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and in Kasumigaseki as a whole and deepen discussions on how Kasumigaseki should be in the future.