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(Research Report) 2016 Public Opinion Survey on Healthcare Policy

(Research Report) 2016 Public Opinion Survey on Healthcare Policy

HGPI has been undertaking regular surveys of public opinions on healthcare issues since 2006 in order to gain a better understanding of public perceptions and awareness on the health and health care policies the public desires.
Continuing on from previous surveys, the 2016 survey included questions on the level of satisfaction with the current healthcare system and the degree of trust in healthcare personnel and organizations. In addition, there were also questions on hot topics such as high priced drugs and medical practices.




Summary of survey results

  • 70% are in favor of the use of insurance to pay for high priced drugs; however, many people also expressed the opinion that some form of restriction should be put in place
  • The degree of trust towards pharmacists has reached 83% for a wide range of age groups, which is the highest rate among healthcare professionals
  • Improving trust towards the Government – the degree of trust towards the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare increased by 15 points

Healthcare policy derived from survey results
This survey produced the following points of discussion related to healthcare sustainability.

  • How can we aim for full participation by citizens in the healthcare decision making process and help citizens understand cost sharing structures?
  • How can we strike a balance between the use of insurance and limited public funds to pay for the new drugs and medical treatments developed through technological advances?

For more detailed information on the survey, please refer to the PDF.

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