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Media Study Session “Tobacco Policy”

Media Study Session “Tobacco Policy”
As raising tobacco tax has been heavily discussed, the Institute is organizing a journalists-exclusive study session, inviting Dr. Yumiko Mochizuki, former WHO tobacco free initiative director and current National Cancer Center tobacco control policy research project leader.

Towards the compilation of the tax reform guideline by the government tax commission, discussion on raising cigarette tax has been activated, such as Prime Minister Hatoyama’s remark to regard increasing cigarette tax as necessary for promoting health even if it may lead to a decline in the tax revenue. On the other hand, there have been many questions posed relating to tobacco price. Won’t a drop in the smoking population caused by a price hike lead to a decrease in the tax revenue? What is the relationship between the tobacco price and the percentage of smokers who decide to quit smoking? 

At this study session, Dr. Mochizuki will present, referring to her latest research results, a tax revenue simulation in case of the tobacco price hike, the price increase’s impact on the smoking rate, the latest trends of the price policy in other countries, and an international comparison of cigarette prices. 

Registration deadline: 2009-12-10

Exhibition date:2009-12-10

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