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(Application is now closed) Health Policy Academy, Health Policy 101

The application period has ended. Thank you for your applications.
Applicants will be notified by the end of March.

Health Policy Academy, Health Policy 101

*Please note that this program is available in Japanese only.

In the face of changing population demographics, constant health technology advances, and rising healthcare costs, health policy in Japan is now more interesting than ever.
Yet, there remains confusion around how and what exactly health policy is and few programs offer a comprehensive overview of this important topic.
To respond to this need, Health and Global Policy Institute is pleased to announce that it will begin to offer a program, Health Policy 101, in April 2015.

・Kohei Onozaki, Board Member and President
・Toshio Miyata, Executive Director
・Other speakers (TBD)

Applicant eligibility

・Business persons who have no or little experience in healthcare but are interested in learning the basics of health policy for their work
・People with a background in healthcare but would like to learn or review health policy basics
・People with great interest in health issues in Japan and Japanese health policy

Program (Details subject to change.)
Session 1: Basics of Health Policy
Session 2: Health Policy in the News  
Session 3: Health Policy Stakeholders
Session 4: Japan’s Health Policy and Cross-national Comparison from 3 Perspectives
Session 5: Is Japan’s Health Policy Sustainable?
Session 6: A Guide to Health Policy in the Future
* Please refer to Japanese version URL for further details of the each session.

・Tuition Fee: 99,000 JPY (Fee applies to entire six session series.)
・Numbers of sessions: 6 sessions
・Term: Over 6 months
・Time and Date: 19:00-21:00, the fourth Wednesday of month (Subject to change)
・Date of the first lecture: Wednesday, April 22 (Subject to change)
・Venue: Health and Global Policy Institute (Nagatacho, Tokyo)
・Organizer: Health and Global Policy Institute

Exhibition date:2015-04-30

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