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(Report) 2nd Series on EOL (End of life) Care discussion

(Report) 2nd Series on EOL (End of life) Care discussion
The first seminar opened interactive dialogue and discussion on how to materialize ideal End on Life Care not only by recognizing “end of life” just prior to death but also to embrace the timeframe and overview process of death as an “end of life”. Dr. Hiroko Akimoto, who is a professional of gerontology (aging study) and a director “Hana-no-tani Clinic” (Flower-Valley clinic), Dr. Mami Itoh were invited as guest lectures.

Dr. Akiyama elaborated a contextual example of how to design a life for extended life span and how to make a decision for end of life. Dr. Itoh on the other hand, opened “Hana-no-tani Clinic” near the shore of South Bōsō, Chiba prefecture in order to provide medical care that free from the boundaries of out-patient, home care, or hospice. She talked about why clinic like “Hana-no-tani” was needed and how to provide not only medical care but also to deliver life support.

■Date: Oct 8 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
■Place: Marunouchi Building Hall&Conference Square (8F MarunouchiBuilding, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
■Organized by: Health and Global Policy Institution, NPO
■Points of view: It allows multispectral speakers to exchange their opinions.
■Targeted audience: Legislative body, Companies, Universities, Citizens, Mayor, Media (70 invitees)
■Participation fee:1,500Yen

Language: Japanese (No interpretation)

1. The 1st Review of EOL Seminar
2. Life Design and EOL Care of Hyper Aging Society
-Dr. Hiroko Akiyama(Project Proffessor, Executive associate member, Institute of Gerontology, the University of Tokyo)
-Dr. Mami Ito (Director of “Hana-no-tani”Clinic)
3. Interactive Discussion with Panelist (Seminar Proposers) 

【Seminar Proposers】   (Syllabary order, Titles omitted)
– Mr. Daisuke Iwase  President, Lifenet Insurance Company 
– Mr. Kohei Onozaki   Vice President, Corporate Affairs AstraZeneca K.K.
– Mr. Ken Shibusawa   Board Chairman, Japan Center for International Exchange/  CEO of  Commons Asset Management
– Mr. Kazuhisa Takeuchi   McKinsey and Company
– Mr. Toshio Miyata   Deputy Director of Office, Minister of Health, Labour and  Welfare/Surgeon

Exhibition date:2013-10-08

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