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Special Breakfast Conference Report

Special Breakfast Conference Report
On April 26, 2011, HGPI hosted a special breakfast conference in regards to its advisors, sponsors, and contributing experts. The meeting was held in order to address Project HOPE, an international medical relief provider headquartered in the USA. Project HOPE had its first mission to Japan and is excitedly returning to its “birthplace” under a project named Operation RISING SUN. During the meeting, Operation RISING SUN managers Fred Gerber and Daryl Porr, speaking from first-hand experience, applauded Japan’s quick reactions to and fast clean up of the disaster area. However, they elaborated, there was a distinct lack of leadership and centralized cooperation. This costly problem, shown in that disaster relief support was largely analytical rather than action based, resulted in time consuming and costly episodes for everyone.  From this meeting room, many innovative and efficient strategies for rebuilding medical systems were proposed. Expectations and goals for new disaster systems were discussed.

Exhibition date:2011-04-26

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