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Global Health Forum 2011

Global Health Forum 2011

Together with UNITAID, the innovative funding facility for international drug purchases, and The University of Tokyo’s Global Health Leadership Program, Health and Global Policy Institute jointly hosted Global Health Forum 2011 in central Tokyo.

The Forum was organized to promote action on global health issues, including achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the 2015 target year, and to start focusing perspectives on the post-MDG global health field. The MDGs emerged as a global framework from the 2000 adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration, with three of the eight Goals pertaining to specific global health issues, and with just four years remaining to the 2015 target, continued effort in the global health arena is essential. Under severe economic circumstances, and with sluggish ODA contributions from many donor countries, achieving the MDGs, as well as ensuring Japan’s continued contribution in the global health arena, depends on strengthening ongoing public and private efforts, cultivating talented young people to lead future activities, and developing new methods and strategies such as innovative financing mechanisms.

The Forum’s keynote speaker was Philippe Douste-Blazy, the Chair of UNITAID, UN Special Advisor on Innovative Financing for Development, and former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, while a panel discussion took place moderated by Senior NHK Commentator, Aiko Doden. With panelists representing diverse fields, there was an active and passionate discussion of Japan’s initiatives in the global health arena, the potential of innovative financing mechanisms to secure continuous funding, and the actions needed for the MDGs and beyond.

Exhibition date:2011-02-25

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