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NHK World “Asian Voices”: Global Health

NHK World “Asian Voices”: Global Health
The program discusses global issues from an Asian perspective and communicates the voices of Asia to the world. This particular program is based on interviews with participants at the “What’s Next for the G20?” conference (June 30, 2010. Organizers: Chatham House, CSIS, and Health Policy Institute, Japan).

Part 1 – Global Health: Global Security
The first theme is that of global health as an issue of international security. Official efforts to date at the UN and G8/G20-level are examined, and key challenges highlighted.

Part 2 – G20 and Beyond
It is a matter of great urgency for global society to unite to cope with increasingly serious and complex health challenges that can no longer be tackled effectively at the national level alone. How best to deal swiftly with crises? How best to provide sustainable assistance independent of economic fluctuations?
HPIJ’s Chairman, Kiyoshi Kurokawa, features in this consideration of the future direction of global health.


The program will air on cable stations overseas, and can also be viewed online.

Cable and online broadcast schedules can be checked here>>

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