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[Event Report] Global Health Education Program (G-HEP) 2021-2022 — Global Health Academy Lecture 8: Quantitative and Qualitative Research (September 8, 2021)

[Event Report] Global Health Education Program (G-HEP) 2021-2022 —  Global Health Academy Lecture 8: Quantitative and Qualitative Research (September 8, 2021)

The Global Health Education Program (G-HEP) held its eighth and final lecture of the Global Health Academy on September 8th.  The lecture on Quantitative and Qualitative Research was presented by Don-Eliseo Lucero-Prisno III, BSc MD MSc MPH PhD FHEA.

Dr. Lucero-Prisno has over twenty years’ experience in the field of global health as an academic and researcher. His areas of research include but are not limited to infectious disease, social science, health policy and health economics. He holds many academic posts at a number of institutions throughout the world, including University of the Philippines, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Harvard Medical School, Harvard University.

In his presentation, Dr. Lucero-Prisno gave a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of research design and the methods of quantitative and qualitative research. Dr. Lucero-Prisno also shared his insight from the perspective as an editor of a scientific journal as to what type of research editors look for when it comes to publication. Showing real examples of published literature, he explained how to stand out from hundreds of papers that are submitted by looking for a topic that is unique.

One key takeaway from the lecture that Dr. Lucero-Prisno mentioned was to take advantage of every moment and publish what you learn and start early on.  This lecture was the perfect segue to the research component of the program. Participants having learned in previous lectures about the various aspects of global health including health systems, migrant issues, and policy, now have the knowledge and motivation for their upcoming research.

■ Program Lectures
1) Thailand’s Health System and COVID-19 (complete)
2) Japan’s Health System and COVID-19 (complete)
3) Community Health (complete)
4) Health Technology (complete)
5) Global Health (complete)
6) Migrant Health (complete)
7) Policy Recommendations and Advocacy (complete)
8) Quantitative and Qualitative Research (complete)

The Global Health Education Program (G-HEP) is a joint program organized by the Health and Global Policy Institute and Mahidol University, Faculty of Public Health in Thailand.

■About Mahidol University
Mahidol University is the number one university in Thailand for medical education and the first public health academic institution in Thailand.

 Be a leader in promoting population health through being a health literate faculty in ASEAN countries by 2021.
 1. To offer an outcome based public health education through being a health literate faculty.
 2. To be visible as a leader in public health education, integrative and innovative research, professional academic services on the basis of good governance to promote health and longevity and the betterment of mankind.

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