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“Institutional Challenges for the Clinical Application of Regenerative Medicine”

“Institutional Challenges for the Clinical Application of Regenerative Medicine”
Based on policy recommendations made by the Health Policy Institute, Japan, the challenges facing legislation for regenerative medicine were debated. The focus was on: ①evaluation/approval systems and ②cell bank issues.

The symposium began with a presentation of the key issues by Prof. Koji Kawakami (Kyoto University), who had directed our policyrecommendation. Then, participants engaged in debate after an explanation by Dr. Satoshi Toyoshima (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency) on the status of evaluation and approval systems for regenerative medicine technology and a presentation by lawmaker Rep. Yutaka Fukushima (New Komeito), representing “Diet Members for the Promotion of the Use of Autologous Cells in Regenerative Medicine”. Researchers, companies, journalists and other opinion leaders from a variety of fields, as well as lawmakers and bureaucrats were invited to the debate. Our policy recommendations and images from the symposium were introduced and coveredby many newspapers and magazines.

Registration deadline: 2006-12-03

Exhibition date:2006-12-04

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