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(Event Report)New Office Celebration Forum “Reflecting on the Past 12 years; Looking into the Healthcare of Tomorrow, and Health Policy in the Future”(Aug. 10, 2016)

(Event Report)New Office Celebration Forum “Reflecting on the Past 12 years; Looking into the Healthcare of Tomorrow, and Health Policy in the Future”(Aug. 10, 2016)

HGPI hosted a new office celebration forum in commemoration of our new office. During this forum, we reflected upon our progress since our establishment in 2004 and had a deep discussion about the future of health policy, considering especially the main themes of innovation and sustainability.


Opening Speech

Kohei Onozaki (HGPI President) HGPI: The Road Paved Thus Far and the Path Ahead

Mr. Onozaki introduced three main keywords for HGPI since our establishment – “Independent,” “Multi-stakeholder,” and “Global Perspective.” He also spoke about various events and activities that have taken place up until now.


Mr. Onozaki noted that in addition to its good access to transportation hubs, large conference spaces, and friendly work environment, our new office is also cost-effective. He concluded by highlighting plans to further advance the application of policies that will make the coexistence of innovation and sustainability possible.


Lecture 1 “Sustainability in Health Care” and Society’s Conception Ahead

Yoshinori Hiroi (HGPI Board Member)

Moderator: Ryoji Noritake (HGPI Vice President)

Dr. Hiroi pointed out that the aim and objective of health policy is not about suppressing health care costs or expanding treatment and its revenues, but is solely about health. He stressed the need to think about health in a bigger context that incorporates the idea that well-being is embedded in mental and spiritual health. This lecture emphasized the need to think about sustainability in health and society in the future.


Dr. Hiroi discussed four themes surrounding the topic of “Sustainability in Health” in detail with numerous examples -1. Innovation and health care costs; 2. The allocation of health care costs; 3. Rapidly aging communities, cities, and regions; and 4. Tertiary care and the perspective it presents on life and death.


Lastly, Dr. Hiroi concluded that since Japan has established a long life expectancy with relatively low health care costs and high productivity, it should continue to pursue sustainability in health by combining science and care initiatives, and then extend this concept across the world as a means of tackling multiple issues.


Lecture 2 Japan: Healthcare Reform in Globalization- Your choice, your voice, your action

Kiyoshi Kurokawa (HGPI Chairman)

Moderator: Mariko Oyamada (HGPI Senior Manager)

Dr. Kurokawa stated that that up until now, the physical damage, political upheaval, and economic impact caused by natural disasters have been unpredictable in most parts of the world. He added that with improvements in digital technology, information now spreads quickly to everyone, everywhere. Furthermore, he said that due to rapid globalization, especially in healthcare, the world’s problems have become Japan’s problems, and Japan’s problems have become the world’s problems.


Dr. Kurokawa touched upon the fact that there are many outstanding experts from countries all over the world that are working actively on a global scale, and suggested that Japan needs to change its traditional corporate structure and its rigidness in order to contribute more globally.


Lastly, Dr. Kurokawa spoke on the need to recognize one’s own strengths and weaknesses in order to secure innovation and sustainability. He encouraged the meeting participants, as concerned individuals, to be more assertive and reconsider their thoughts and actions


Closing Speech

Encouraging messages from people involved with HGPI over the long term were offered as closing remarks.


Osamu Nagayama (Chugai Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. Chairman and CEO, HGPI Board Member as of July, 2016)

Mr. Nagayama commended HGPI, noting that HGPI’s listing in a world ranking of think tanks was extremely meaningful for it as an independent think tank. He stated that HGPI’s importance would be forever more magnified with time, and expressed his hope that HGPI would seek more opportunities to express its opinions globally.


Shinsuke Muto (Yu Home Clinic President and Director, HGPI Board member as of July, 2016)

Dr. Muto noted that efforts were underway to merge homecare and ICT in Tokyo, Miyagi prefecture, and Singapore. In the midst of changes in communication methods brought about by ICT – such as the advent of smartphones – the state of health care is also evolving. He emphasized that sustainability is impossible without innovation. He concluded by saying that he would give his best effort to achieve health care sustainability as an HGPI director familiar with the medical field.

Exhibition date:2016-08-03

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