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(REGISTER CLOSED)57th Breakfast Meeting: Losing Marbles!- Experiences of Early Treatment for Dementia-

(REGISTER CLOSED)57th Breakfast Meeting: Losing Marbles!- Experiences of Early Treatment for Dementia-
Losing Marbles!- Experiences of Early Treatment for Dementia-

Please note that this event will be held only in Japanese

On March 8, HGPI will host a Breakfast Meeting featuring Mr. Tomofumi Yamamoto, a journalist with Shukan Asahi Weekly Magazine. Mr. Yamamoto was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment(MCI) and will share his experience with diagnosis and treatment as well as how he strives to continue with his pre-diagnosis life. We hope that this event will be an opportunity to discuss the reality and the changing face of dementia. We look forward to your participation.

Mr. Tomofumi Yamamoto
Journalist, Shukan Asahi Weekly Magazine

■Date & Time:
Tuesday, March 8, 2016 8:00-9:15am(Doors open 7:45am)

(10th floor, Shin-Marunouchi Building, 1-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

■Participation fee:
General:     2,500 JPN Yen
Students:    1,500 JPN Yen for students(Student ID required)
Individual supporting members: Free  

The number of people with dementia in Japan is projected to increase from 4.62 million in 2012 to approximately 7 million in 2025, meaning that one in five of those over 65 years old will have dementia. As populations around the world rapidly age, dementia is following as an increasingly serious global issue. In January 2015, the Japanese Government announced its revised national dementia strategy, the New Orange Plan. It is critical that dementia policy integrates the perspectives of persons with dementia and their families if Japan and other societies around the world are truly to support persons with dementia to live fulfilling and enriching lives even after being diagnosed with dementia.
This Breakfast Meeting will feature Mr. Tomofumi Yamamoto who works as a journalist and has published his own experiences of early treatment for dementia. Mr. Yamamoto’s message has been widely shared at events throughout Japan, including the G7 Dementia Legacy Event in November 2014. At this Breakfast Meeting, Mr. Yamamoto, will share his own experiences and discuss his expectations for Japan’s national dementia strategy.

■Reference book:
“Losing Marbles! Real Experiences of Early Treatment for Dementia from A 62-Year-Old Journalist” (unofficial English translation)(bokete tamaru ka – rokujuunisai kisha ninchishou souki hakken jittaiken rupo, in Japanese)


* Once this event reaches capacity, registration will close.
** Please inform us if you would like to cancel by 17:00 on March 3, 2016. Please note that cancellations received after 17:00 on March 3, 2016, may be subject to a cancellation fee equal to the participation fee.

Registration deadline: 2016-03-06

Exhibition date:2016-03-08

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