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[Press Release] 2018 Public Opinion Survey on Japanese Healthcare Policies (Preliminary report)

About 60% of respondents avoid food & drink establishments that allow smoking
About 40% of respondents worry about the effects of e-cigarettes on health

HGPI (Chairman: Kiyoshi Kurokawa) has been undertaking regular surveys of public opinion on healthcare issues since 2006 in order to gain a better understanding of public perceptions and a better awareness of the health services and healthcare policies that the public desires.

This year, in 2018, an internet-based public opinion survey was administered to 1,000 males and females aged 20 and over throughout Japan. The survey was comprised of questions on passive smoking, the HPV vaccine, and end-of-life care. The survey’s preliminary report is set to be released on August 28.

Survey Highlights
. 58.1% avoid food & drink establishments that allow smoking
. 35.8% worry about the health effects of e-cigarette secondhand smoke
. 67.0% are unsure whether the HPV vaccine should be recommended
. 66.4% want to discuss end-of-life care, and 25.4% already have
(includes discussion of end-of-life care for either themselves or someone else)

* For further details on the survey, please download the preliminary report (in Japanese).

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