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[Lecture] NHS Confederation 2019 (June 19-20, 2019, Manchester, England)

[Lecture] NHS Confederation 2019 (June 19-20, 2019, Manchester, England)

HGPI Board Member and CEO Mr. Ryoji Noritake participated in the opening session and gave a lecture at the NHS Confederation 2019 held on June 19 and 20 2019 in the U.K..

The NHS Confederation is a collaboration that brings together the diverse organizations that form the U.K’s National Health Service. It links over 560 organizations and holds annual conventions.




The NHS Confederation 2019 convention was entitled “The Future Starts Here” and was held in Manchester. Representatives from medical institutions not only in the U.K. but from every country gathered at the convention to discuss methods for building healthcare systems in the era of increasingly serious issues such as societal aging and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). This effort will require collaborative efforts involving healthcare and nursing providers and the use of many different tools such as data health.

At the opening session, Mr. Noritake joined CEOs from the NHS Confederation for a panel discussion. They covered topics such as the policy situation in Japan, the importance of collaboration between the U.K. and Japan, and the importance of non-medical and cultural approaches to healthcare systems that involve the people receiving healthcare.

HGPI will continue to deepen our collaborative links to related parties in every country starting with the U.K. in pursuit of creating concrete proposals that address policy issues through global, multi-stakeholder discussions.

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