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Health Policy Academy, Health Policy 101

Health Policy Academy, Health Policy 101
* Please note that this program is available in Japanese only

In the face of changing population demographics, constant health technology advances, and rising healthcare costs, health policy in Japan is now more interesting than ever. The Health and Global Policy Institute will offer a program entitled Health Policy 101, for people who would like to gain basic knowledge of the Health Policy. With the program students will be able learn the essentials of the health policy.

・Kohei Onozaki, HGPI Board Member and President
・Toshio Miyata, HGPI Executive Director
* Guest speakers from the government, academia, etc. will be featured throughout the program.

Applicant eligibility
・Business persons who have limited experience in healthcare with an interest in learning the basics of health policy for professional purposes.
・Those with a background in healthcare who would like to learn or review health policy basics.
・Those with great interest in health issues in Japan and Japanese health policy.

Program (Details subject to change.)
Session 1: Basics of Health Policy
Session 2: Health Policy in the News  
Session 3: Health Policy Stakeholders
Session 4: Japan’s Health Policy and Cross-national Comparison from 3 Perspectives
Session 5: Is Japan’s Health Policy Sustainable?
Session 6: A Guide to Health Policy in the Future
*Please refer to Japanese version URL for further details of the each session.

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