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13th Special Breakfast Meeting Report

13th Special Breakfast Meeting Report
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On the 29th November 2011, the Health and Global Policy Institute hosted a Special Breakfast Meeting for its advisers, sponsors and other influential intellectual individuals.

At this breakfast meeting, we were delighted to welcome Ms. Judith Watt, Strategic Consultant for the NCD Alliance, and Ms. Loyce Pace, Director of Health Policy at the Lance Armstrong Foundation as speakers. These two international experts, who were also participating in the NCD Forum 2011 being hosted by this institute during their visit to Japan, gave presentations on the current direction of non-communicable disease (NCD) control strategy worldwide, as well as future global trends.

In September 2011 a U.N. High Level Meeting was held on NCDs such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and cancer, which can be better dealt with through improved lifestyle habits and early detection and diagnosis. The outcome of this meeting was the adoption of a U.N. declaration on NCDs outlining the action that should be taken through the cooperation of the global community, and the drawing of more attention to the future approaches of countries around the world.
During the breakfast meeting we heard from Judith Watt about the large role Japan is able to play in this area, and Loyce Pace highlighted the importance of efforts both domestically and abroad from multi-stakeholders including civil society.

Japan is already leading the world in having started the process of tackling chronic diseases, and there was a lively exchange of opinions on the importance of future activity and of Japan taking the initiative amongst the global community.

Exhibition date:2011-11-29

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