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[Event Report] Roundtable on Medical Fee System Measures to Discourage the Spread of AMR (September 28, 2020)

[Event Report] Roundtable on Medical Fee System Measures to Discourage the Spread of AMR (September 28, 2020)

AMR Alliance Japan (Secretariat: Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI)) held a Roundtable on Medical Fee System Measures to Discourage the Spread of AMR.

This meeting was held on the basis of AMR Alliance Japan’s overarching policy recommendations published in July 2019 which called for the promotion of measures through the medical fee system to incentivize behaviors that could help to discourage the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

AMR Alliance Japan members discussed recommendations toward the 2022 revision of the medical fee system. Based on the discussion, AMR Alliance Japan decided on the key items to be targeted in future proposals on the medical fee system revision.

In light of the situation with novel coronavirus, this meeting was carried out primarily online.

Date and time: Wednesday, September 28, 2020
Organizer: AMR Alliance Japan (Secretariat: HGPI)

Roundtable Discussion
・Key items for AMR Alliance Japan’s Medical Fee System Revision Proposal
・Future Plans

■Roundtable Speakers (alphabetical order by last name):
Kazuyuki Akai (Director, Business Development, Nippon Becton Dickinson Company Ltd.)
Midori Hirai (Chair, Pharmaceutical Education Committee, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan / Director, Japanese Red Cross Hyogo Blood Center)
Masashi Kawata (Senior Manager, Public Affairs & Policy, Corporate Affairs, Health & Value, Pfizer Japan Inc.)
Takashi Kitahara (Chairman, Japan Pharmaceutical Association / Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Yamaguchi University)
Yuri Miura (Senior Industry Policy Specialist, Public and Industrial Policy, Health Policy, MSD K.K.)
Masaaki Miyakawa (Executive Board Member, Japan Medical Association)
Choichiro Miyazaki (Vice Chairman, Japan Pharmaceutical Association)
Yuichi Muraki (Representative, Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences / Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacoepidemiology, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)
Akio Ozaki (Director, Public and Industry Policy, Health Policy, MSD K. K.)
Toshiyuki Sakaeda (President, The Japanese Society of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring / Professor, Department of Pharmacokinetics, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)
Makoto Seno (Marketing Director, Nippon Becton Dickinson Company Ltd.)
Kazutoshi Shibuya (President, The Japanese Society for Medical Mycology / Professor, Department of Surgical Pathology, Toho University)
Kazuhiro Tateda (President, The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases / President, The Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology / Professor, Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Toho University)
Yasunori Tawaragi (Director, International Affairs, Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association)

Yuki Awano (AMR Alliance Japan Secretariat / Associate, HGPI)

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