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(Lecture)Health 2.0 Asia – Japan (Health 2.0 LLC,Dec. 7,2016)

Toshio Miyata, HGPI board member,  gave a lecture during a session themed “Designing Japan’s community-based integrated care systems”

What should become of care for the elderlies in 2020? As the impact of declining birth rate and increasing aging population is becoming evermore greater with the control of care cost becoming more urgent, what are the skills and policies needed to aid in the realization of high quality care in order to make changes in nursing care level possible? The talk of the future by opinion leaders.

Eri Mochizuki (Elsevier Japan)

Naoki Akahane (Ministry of health, Labour and Welfare)
Hiroyuki Morita (MNHR Labo)
Yosuke Mitsuhara (Nihon Chouzai)
Ryoko Fukuda (Benesse Institute for Research on KAIGO)
Toshio Miyata (Health and Global Policy Institute)
Toshihiko Takeda *Video (Ministry of health, Labour and Welfare)
Hotaka Aoki (Ministry of health, Labour and Welfare)

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