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“The Health Policy Summit 2012” Report

“The Health Policy Summit 2012” Report
★Results of the Questionnaire Regarding the Health Policy Summit 2012 have now been Uploaded.
>>★Video on the day (YouTube)

On February 10, Health and Global Policy Institute hosted Health Policy Summit 2012(Collaborated with: Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)   Supported by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Netherlands Embassy, United States Embassy). The Summit is now an annual event, attended by leading figures from the healthcare field, patient groups, politics, industry, the media and more, and is convened to discuss the ideal approach to health policy issues in the year ahead.

In this Summit, numerous experts from Japan and overseas held deep discussions on health and healthcare issues, centered on a theme of “Open Platform and Global Collaboration.” Especially, almost one year on from the Great East Japan Earthquake, there will be a focus on support for reconstruction efforts, health and healthcare issues specific to stricken areas, and the fundamental improvements that have been realized. Specifically, for three key issues of health problems relating to low-level exposure to radiation, reconstruction of the healthcare system in stricken areas, and psychological care for victims of the disaster, there will be deep discussion aimed at realizing concrete policy measures. We also discussed common health policy agendas in developed countries such as chronic diseases. An overview for the results of this questionnaire aimed at the participants are posted in the right column. 

-Health Policy Summit 2012
~Open Platform and Global Collaboration~

【Date】 Friday, February 10, 2012   
【Location】 Hotel New Otani Tokyo, Room Sirius (Address: 4-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
【Organizer】 Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI)
【Collaborated with】 Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
【Supported by】 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Netherlands Embassy, United States Embassy

・9:00-9:20    Opening Remarks    
・9:20-10:45    CSIS-HGPI Joint session 1 : Re-designing Tohoku and Japan~ Disaster Relief and Mental Health~             
In providing support to the areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake, there is a growing need for provision of mental health care. In countries around the world, mental health care is administered in times of natural disaster, and through discussion of best global practices and the insights of experts currently providing mental health care in Tohoku, the session will work towards proposals for the mental health care needed from this point on in the stricken areas. Furthermore, the manner and focus of practical international (and Japan-U.S.) cooperation will be discussed.

Dr. Howard Goldman (Professor, University of Maryland)
Dr. Shin-Ichi Niwa (Professor and Chairman of  Department of Neuropsychiatry Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine)
Mr. Yotam Polizer (Japan Project Coordinator, IsraAID: The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid)

・11:00-12:15    CSIS-HGPI Special session 2: Re-designing Tohoku and Japan ~ Innovative & Sustainable Health System for Future~          
Tohoku was already suffering from a shortage of healthcare personnel, and especially a serious lack of doctors, but since the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the region, securing sufficient numbers of healthcare providers for the future has become an even more critical issue. Moreover, since there are no electronic health records in the stricken areas, providing primary care to patients since the disaster has been an immensely time-consuming task. Based on this reality, there are now attempts in the area to construct a new model of healthcare, and to establish Tohoku as an advanced healthcare region. The restructuring of the healthcare system and the ideal form of new healthcare model will be discussed by international experts.

Dr. Ray Baxter (Senior vice President, Kaiser Permanente)
Mr. Hiroya Masuda (Corporate Adviser, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. / Former Iwate Governor)
Dr. Shinsuke Muto (Chairman, Tetsuyu Institute Medical Corporation / Chairman, Leading Aging Society Forum)
Dr. Brian Biles (Professor, George Washington University)

・12:30-13:45    CSIS-HGPI Lunch Session: Global Partnership for Radiation Risk
There are no clearly established international health standards regarding low-level exposure to radiation. However, since the accident at Chernobyl, various research projects have been conducted through the U.S.-based Institute of Medicine. With long-term exposure to low radiation levels for the foreseeable future, what kind of health standards are required, and what form of international cooperation is called for? There will be a discussion among invited global experts of the measures and standards needed for the future.

Hon. Goshi Hosono (Minister of the Environment, Minister for the Restoration from and Prevention of Nuclear Accident, Minister of State for Nuclear Power Policy and Administration)
Mr. Satoshi Arai (Member of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the Committee on Cabinet)
Dr. Yasuhito Sasaki (Executive Director, The Japan Radioisotope Association)
Mr. Hideki Masuda (“ETV Tokushu” Senior Producer, NHK Program Production Department)
Ms. Yumi Nakayama (Journalist, Asahi Shimbun)

・14:15-15:30    Setting the Global Agenda: Identifying the Priorities of Health Policy
Numerous common issues have emerged with regard to health policy planning in the world’s advanced nations, including rising rates of chronic disease, financial pressures, aging societies, and growing disparities in health, and moreover, sustainability of health system and radiation issues in Japan. Which policy should be prioritized first and what political equation should be identified? This session, as an agenda setting panel, will aim to identify the priority in Japan and the world on health.

Dr. Katsunori Kondo (Professor, Social Epidemiology, Health Policy and Management, Nihon Fukushi University)
Prof. Masako Ii (Professor, School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University)
Mr. Kazuhisa Takeuchi (McKinsey & Company)
Mr. Pieter Terpstra (Trade Secretary, Trade and Industry Section, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Mr. Kohei Onozaki (AstraZeneca K.K.)

・15:45-17:00    Solving the Global Agenda: An Open Platform for a Healthier World
As a summation of the day’s discussion, this session will consider the form and function of a global model of cooperation, and what specific policies need formulating, for the ongoing and future resolution of health policy issues including those in the stricken areas. To this end, the Summit will aim at establishing an independent, private sector global platform for international discussion and cooperation on health issues, and realization of specific policies.

Dr. Steve Morrison (Senior Vice President and Director, Global Health Policy Center, CSIS)
Ms. Mieko Nakabayashi (Member of the House of Representatives)
Dr. Ludwig Kanzler (Principal, McKinsey & Company)
Mr. Tsukasa Obayashi (Senior & Editorial Writer, Nikkei Inc.)  

・17:00-17:15    Closing Remarks                 

・17:30-19:00    Networking Reception


Exhibition date:2012-02-10

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