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11th Special Breakfast Conference Report

11th Special Breakfast Conference Report
On July 28, 2011, Health and Global Policy Institute hosted a Special Breakfast Meeting for the Institute’s Board of Advisors, sponsors, experts, and others. Continuing the theme of recent Institute events, this meeting focused on earthquake disaster reconstruction support. Attendees heard the insights and constructive proposals of Dr. Akira Ogawa, who, as President of Iwate Medical University, spearheaded relief efforts in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, and is now focused on creating a new post-disaster regional healthcare system. In an address entitled “Rebirth, Not Restoration: A New Model of Healthcare for Iwate’s Disaster-Stricken and Depopulated Regions”, Dr. Ogawa spoke about the changing local situation in the wake of the disaster. Moreover, Iwate Prefecture has for a long time been a medically depopulated area, and with a new system of healthcare delivery now required after the disaster, the promotion of telehealth and remote medical care was identified as the way forward. Also mentioned was the need to actively spur innovation and introduce healthcare IT, as well as regulatory reform and creation of special zones not covered by existing frameworks. From the audience also, there were many expressions of support for the stricken areas based on a positive new vision that looks beyond mere restoration.

Exhibition date:2011-07-28

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