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[Event Report] Health Policy Academy: The 9th Semester of Health Policy Academy (Held from May to October 2020)

[Event Report] Health Policy Academy: The 9th Semester of Health Policy Academy (Held from May to October 2020)

Health and Global Institute (HGPI) held the 7th Lecture of the 9th semester of Health Policy Academy (HPA). The lecture was entitled “Predicting the Future of Healthcare” and was given in the form of a panel discussion. For the panel discussion, it was our great honor to host Professor Naoki Ikegami, Professor Ryu Niki, and Mr. Yasuhiro Sensho, who are leading figures in the field of health policy. The discussion was moderated by HGPI Board Member Mr. Kohei Onozaki. The panel discussion covered themes related to COVID-19 and its influence on health policy, leadership from the national and municipal governments, and predictions for the future of society and healthcare.

This lecture was the last event of the 9th semester of HPA. The 9th semester began in May 2020 and consisted of seven lectures and six study group sessions held over the past six months. The lectures featured discussions on topics at the forefront of each theme that were led by the guest speakers below, whom we were very lucky to host. At the study sessions, participants were able to engage in bilateral, active learning using their diverse backgrounds.

*All lectures and study sessions throughout this semester were held in a virtual or hybrid format.

■Program (Lectures and study sessions)
Lecture 1: Introduction (Tuesday, May 19, 2020)
 Kohei Onozaki (Board Member, HGPI)

May study session: The History of Health Policy in Japan and Current Issues (Tuesday, May 26, 2020)

Lecture 2: Trends in Health Policy (Tuesday, June 9, 2020)
 Naoki Ikegami (Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, St. Luke’s International University)

June study session: Medical Service Fees (Tuesday, June 20, 2020) 

Lecture 3: Policy Creation Process (Tuesday, July 7, 2020)
 Tetsuro Okuno (Director Assistant, Regional Medical Care Planning Division, Health Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

July study session: Drugs and Medical Supplies (Tuesday, July 21, 2020)

Lecture 4: Challenges and Prospects for Drugs (Tuesday, August 11, 2020)
 Haruhiko Hirate (Representative Director & President, Hirate & associates Co.,Ltd)

August study session: Long-term Care Insurance (Tuesday, August 25, 2020)

September study session: End-of-life Healthcare (Tuesday, September 1, 2020)

Lecture 5: Cooperation in Medical and Long-Term Care and Integrated Community Care Systems (Tuesday, September 8, 2020)
 Shinsuke Muto (Board Member, HGPI)

Study session: Individual Views on the Future of Health Policy Presentation Session (Tuesday, September 15, 2020)

Lecture 6: Advocacy “Policy Change Driven by Civil Society“ (Tuesday, October 6, 2020)
 Yukiko Nishimura (President, Advocacy Service for Rare and Intractable Diseases (NPO ASrid))

Lecture 7: Predicting the Future in Healthcare (Tuesday, October 20, 2020)
 Naoki Ikegami (Visiting Professor, St. Lukes International University, Graduate School of Public Health)
 Ryu Niki (Professor Emeritus, Nihon Fukushi University)
 Yasuhiro Sensho (CEO, SENSHO-GUMI, Co., Ltd.)
 Kohei Onozaki (Board Member, HGPI)

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