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[Event report] Third session of the Diet Study Group on Dementia (April 19, 2018)

[Event report] Third session of the Diet Study Group on Dementia (April 19, 2018)

The non-partisan Diet Study Group on Dementia headed by House of Representatives member Hayato Suzuki held its third session. HGPI is currently providing planning and operations support for this study group. HGPI Chairman Kiyoshi Kurokawa attended the third meeting.





The number of people living with dementia in Japan is expected to rise alongside the aging of the population. Policies to deal with this challenge are urgently needed. Japan has taken up the challenge of such polices by launching the “New Orange Plan” – a comprehensive strategy to address dementia. However, additional measures on dementia will be needed in the future. To that end, a number of House of Representatives members have formed this voluntary, regular, non-partisan study group to encourage as many House of Representatives members as possible to become interested in this issue and knowledgeable about it.

Session presentations
“Event Report on the Nikkei Financial Times-hosted Japan-UK Dementia Conference”
Ms. Yuko Shiozaki (Executive officer and Head of Special Programs Section)

“Event Report on a Meeting of the World Dementia Council”
Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa (HGPI Chairman and member of the World Dementia Council)

“The Future of Dementia Care”
Dr. Yoshimasa Takase (President of Takase Clinic)

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