About HGPI Our Mission / Guiding Principles

Our Mission

Achieving citizen-centered health policy by bringing stakeholders together as an independent think-tank

Guiding Principles

We connect players and facilitate discussions.
We represent an independent voice and nurture a global perspective.
We provide feasible and responsible policy options.
We provide quality research and analysis.
We are open to new ideas and foster creative solutions.

Independence of HGPI

Since establishment, Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) has pursued its mission of “Achieving citizen-centered health policies by bringing broad stakeholders together in its capacity as an independent think-tank to generate policy options for the public.” One of the Institute’s guiding principles in activities for this mission is to hold fast to its independence without adhering to the interests of any political party or organization. HGPI will continue to maintain political neutrality and independence from any organization in conducting its activities.

Guidelines on Grants and Contributions

As an independent, non-profit, non-partisan private think tank, HGPI complies with the following guidelines relating to the receipt of grants and contributions.

1. Approval of Mission

The mission of HGPI is to improve the civic mind and individuals’ well-being, and to foster a sustainable healthy community by shaping ideas and values, reaching out to global needs, and catalyzing society for impact. The activities of the Institute are supported by organizations and individuals who are in agreement with this mission.

2. Political Neutrality

HGPI is a private, non-profit corporation independent of the government. Moreover, we receive no support from any political party or other organization whose primary purpose is political activity of any nature.

3. Independence of Project Planning and Implementation

HGPI makes independent decisions on the course and content of its projects after gathering the opinions of a broad diversity of interested parties. The opinions of benefactors are solicited, but the Institute exercises independent judgment in determining whether any such opinions are reflected in its activities.

4. Diverse Sources of Funding

In order to secure its independence and neutrality, HGPI will seek to procure the funding necessary for its operation from a broad diversity of foundations, corporations, individuals, and other such sources. Moreover, as a general rule, funding for specific divisions and activities of the Institute will also be sought from multiple sources.

5. Exclusion of Promotional Activity

HGPI will not partake in any activity of which the primary objective is to promote or raise the image or awareness of the products, services or other such like of its benefactors.

6. Written Agreement

Submission of this document will be taken to represent the benefactor’s written agreement with HGPI’s compliance with the above guidelines.