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[Registration open] HGPI Special Seminar – Considering the Best Dissemination and Awareness-Building Measures for Building a Dementia-Inclusive Society (April 20, 2021)

Recognizing dementia as a global health policy issue, Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) has made continuous efforts in its capacity as a non-profit, independent health policy think tank to promote policy responses to dementia-related issues. Based on the pillars of building a global platform to advance multi-stakeholder collaboration in dementia policy promotion, emphasizing the perspectives of those most affected, and identifying and disseminating policy issues, HGPI is advancing efforts while strengthening partnerships with various stakeholders.

It has been over fifteen years since 2004, when the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan reviewed its usage of the term “chiho” to refer to dementia, determined that it is a discriminatory term, and adopted “ninchi-sho” or “cognitive disorder” instead. Thanks to rigorous efforts from many related parties, understanding towards dementia has improved significantly, and society is currently transforming into a place where it is natural for people with dementia to speak up and share their own experiences and opinions. Dementia is a disease anyone can develop, so we must build universal recognition that now is the time to make the necessary preparations for dementia. Dementia Supporters trained through lectures provided in every region nationwide are making significant contributions to efforts to change society. The Dementia Supporter training program began in 2005 and, to date, over 12 million people have completed Dementia Supporter training. The lecturers in that program, called Caravan Mates, are people with a certain degree of expertise on dementia and who have completed a training program. In addition to leading Dementia Supporter training seminars, Caravan Mates also actively serve as leaders in starting collaborative efforts with municipalities for promoting understanding towards dementia in communities. In recent years, a growing amount of energy has been devoted to training Dementia Supporters at companies and workplaces. In addition, the Framework for Promoting Dementia Care presented in 2019 set a training target of 4 million Dementia Supporters at companies and workplaces. The Dementia Supporter training program has received international attention, as well. For example, a version of it called Dementia Friends was started in the United Kingdom in 2012.

In the fifteen years since it began, the Dementia Supporter program has made great progress in promoting dementia awareness. In this special HGPI Seminar, we will review how measures taken thus far have contributed to promoting understanding of dementia and examine what measures are needed to build a dementia-inclusive society together with multi-stakeholders including people with dementia, academia, local governments, and industry, and while taking international trends into account.


■ Registration: Please register at the link below.
*Please be noted that this webinar will be held in Japanese.

■ Date and time: 18:00 to 20:00, Tuesday, April 20, 2021

■ Venue: Zoom webinar

■ Participant Capacity: First 500 applicants

■ Fee: Free


■ Tentative program (Titles omitted)

18:00-18:05 Opening remarks and explanatory introduction
Ryoji Noritake (Board member and CEO, HGPI)
18:05-18:20 Current Status and Future Prospects of Efforts to Promote Dementia Awareness and Elevate the Voices of People with Dementia
Fumihiko Hishitani (Director for Dementia Strategy, Division of Dementia Policy and Community-Based Long-Term Care Promotion, Health and Welfare Bureau for the Elderly)
18:20-18:45 Looking Back on Fifteen Years of Dementia Supporter Caravan Activities
Hideki Ishiguro (Deputy Director-General, Community-based Co-Operation Policy-Alliance of Local Governments)
18:45 -19:00 Video message from person with dementia
Mayumi Yamada(Person with dementia, Dementia Supporter Trainer(Caravan-Mate), Member of “Borderless -with dementia-“)
Yukari Yamashita(Member of “Borderless -with dementia-“)
19:00-19:50 Panel Discussion: “The Past Fifteen Years, the Next Fifteen Years”
Hideki Ishiguro
Yumi Shindo (Researcher, Center for Gerontology and Social Science, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology)
Kimika Tsukada (Environment and Community Contributions, AEON Co., Ltd.)
Person with dementia (TBD)
TBD Municipal government representative (Community-Based Comprehensive Care Promotion Division, Matsudo City HallTBD)
Shunichiro Kurita (Manager, HGPI)
19:50-20:00 Closing remarks
Satoko Hotta (Professor, Graduate School of Health Management, Keio University; Board Member, HGPI; President, Designing for Dementia)


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